Scaling And Polishing

The dental sciences are undergoing massive changes, and the field of implant dentistry is at the head of that transformation.

With today's advancements in dental implant and bone grafting techniques, materials and technologies, almost anyone with missing teeth can now have dental implant treatments done. Conventional implants techniques have had good long-standing success rates.

In our clinic dental implants include:

  • Conventional implants
  • Single implants
  • Full arch implant bridge

Why primadent dental center for dental implants?

  • All our implantologists are experienced accredited graduates from overseas
  • All our dental implants cases are looked after only by professional dental specialists specializing in implantology
  • Our clinic and team of dental specialists keeps an open frank policy whereby we do take the time in educating patients on their options
  • A holistic approach is taken to ensure that our patients are correctly and efficiently treated
  • Primadent is a leading dental implant center in hurghada whereby our team of have treated a large number of major full mouth cases
  • All our treatments plans and services, our team takes into considerations the patients' long-term prognosis