Protecting you is a priority to us. At primadent, we pay particular attention to general cleanliness, disinfection and sterilization. We thus want you to understand the different ways we ensure your safety.

Sterialization and Higein Protocols that we follow:

  • Use of disposables, when possible
  • Thorough cleaning and/or sterilization of all instruments
  • Surface disinfection of contaminated surfaces
  • Selection of equipments designed to prevent contamination and for sterilization
  • Care and maintenance of dental units
  • Hand washing to reduce bacteria between each patient encounter
  • Gloves and masks to prevent direct contamination as well as cross-infection
  • Protective eyewear or cover
  • Approved disposal methods for contaminated waste
  • Using autoclave sterilizer

Each and every patient undergoes treatment with the most sterile environment possible. The photo shown here demonstrates primadent's assurance to patient safety. A plentiful supply of sterilized hand pieces is always available... guaranteeing that no two patients are treated with the same hand piece.

The dental chairs are completely seamless, thereby preventing any accumulation of any conceivable foreign material that could suggest a sterilization problem. Disposable slip covers are used on critical areas of the dental chair which are changed for each patient.